Book Title: Career by Design - Playing a Bigger Game
Profession: Career Coach and Consultant

Life Before Publishing:

Before publishing my book, I faced significant challenges in consistently refining and conveying my coaching methodology. My thoughts and strategies were subject to frequent modifications, which made it difficult to deliver a clear and coherent message to my clients. The process of writing my book forced me to organize my ideas, conduct rigorous research, and articulate my concepts more clearly. This exercise not only sharpened my communication skills but also allowed me to structure my methodologies into a cohesive narrative. As a result, my coaching became more persuasive and impactful, leading to better understanding and application of the principles I teach, ultimately resulting in more successful outcomes for my clients.

Life After Publishing:

Publishing my book has been a game-changer for my coaching and consulting practice. It serves as an exceptional marketing tool and an impressive business card that sets me apart in a crowded industry. A published book is a rare achievement and reinforces my expertise, providing prospects with a glimpse of the value I can offer through a coaching relationship. It has also bolstered my professional network, opening avenues for new business and collaborative ventures, thereby contributing to a more sustainable business. The single biggest benefit has been the significant boost in credibility, which attracts more clients and opportunities.

Achieving Best Seller Status:

Achieving best-seller status is a prestigious recognition that validates my expertise and knowledge, setting me apart from other coaches. The "best-seller" label associated with my name draws attention and opens doors to new opportunities such as speaking engagements, media appearances, and collaborations. It reassures potential clients that they are investing in someone recognized for their deep body of knowledge.

Final Words of Thanks:

Having evaluated numerous entities that assist authors in achieving Amazon Best Seller status, Evolve Global Publishing stood head and shoulders above the rest. While others charge to achieve best-seller status in the US, Evolve Global accomplishes this across four countries, securing International Best Seller status and significantly enhancing the book's credibility and reach.

Evolve Global Publishing excelled in placing my book in highly relevant categories, reinforcing its credibility and authority within its niche. They diligently provided screenshots of the best-seller results, offering a level of transparency and proof that is often overlooked by others. Beyond attaining best-seller status, Evolve Global Publishing strategically incorporated marketing collateral within the book, transforming it into a powerful tool for client attraction. Their comprehensive approach not only elevated the book’s status but also maximized its potential as a marketing asset.

Service Rating: 5 (Awesome)

Thank you, Evolve Global Publishing, for your exceptional service and for helping me achieve such remarkable success with my book.

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