"The Big Ideas Book" by Scott Bywater, John North, Alan Carniol, Peter Butler, Melanie MacDonald, Keith Banfield, Ari Galper

From Apple's iPhone to Uber's ride-sharing service to ChatGPT, over recent decades we’ve seen ‘big ideas’ turn the world on its head.

Yet what about those big, everyday ideas that can give your business an edge? Those little hinges that swing big doors, each of which can be worth thousands to business owners?

You’ll find 7 of these ideas inside "The Big Ideas Book," which is based on the three legs of a stool every business needs to thrive: lead generation, systematisation/automation, and sales.

Each chapter is a masterclass in its own right, from seasoned experts who are masters of their specialised fields. :

Chapter 1: Scott Bywater reveals how to book your calendar solid with speed emails written by AI (and actually turn those emails into booked appointments with highly qualified prospects).

Chapter 2: John North illustrates why thinking like a media company is the 21st-century blueprint for building trust and enhancing visibility.

Chapter 3: Alan Carniol teaches you to apply Pareto’s 80/20 principle to attract and retain top-tier customers while avoiding time-wasters.

Chapter 4: Peter Butler shares his strategies for working 'on' the business, not 'in' it, emphasizing the power of effective systems for scalability.

Chapter 5: Melanie MacDonald dives into how cutting-edge AI and technology can streamline operations without overwhelming your mental bandwidth.

Chapter 6: Keith Banfield debunks the myth of the ‘born salesperson’ and introduces the M.A.N roadmap for focusing on high-conversion prospects.

Chapter 7: Ari Galper (the world’s leading authority on trust-based selling) challenges aggressive sales tactics that prioritise closing deals over building genuine relationships.

Why should this book be your next read?

Because within these pages, one idea, one strategy, and even one shifted perspective could be the catalyst that helps your business achieve a breakthrough. For instance, you’ll be introduced to…

Game Changing Marketing Strategies:

Each chapter is a deep dive into actionable tactics tested in the trenches of modern marketing. From email marketing to trust-based selling and strategic publishing, these aren’t just theories but practical, scalable strategies.

Tailored Advice to Scale Your Business:

Whether you're a startup entrepreneur, a small business owner, or a seasoned marketing professional, this book provides tailored advice on scaling your operations, boosting your sales conversion, and maximising your marketing ROI. Learn how to leverage AI in email campaigns, build customer trust at scale, and automate your marketing processes to maximise efficiency.

Practical Implementation:

Every chapter concludes with clear, actionable steps you can implement immediately. This hands-on approach ensures you can directly apply what you learn, and see real results quickly.

Future-Proof Your Marketing:

Stay ahead in today’s rapidly changing digital landscape. "The Big Ideas Book" equips you with cutting-edge knowledge to not only keep pace with technological advancements like AI but to harness them to your advantage.

Derived from the collective wisdom of the Elite Marketers tribe, “The Big Ideas Book” is packed with outside-the-box strategies you can implement into your business right away.

Implement just one of the strategies inside, and you'll see firsthand the transformative power of a great idea in action.

Why not start today?

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