If you want to succeed, one of the things that you’ll need to do is build good relationships with other people. Having good relationships in business is important because you may be able to get referrals from those people, or you may need something from them in the future. But most of all, it’s just good ethics to be nice and try to develop relationship with the people around you. Here are five ways that you can do that.

  1. Be interested in them. If you want to get someone talking, and develop a relationship, one of the best ways to do it is to ask them about themselves. But you don’t to use this tactic unless you actually are interested in them. People can tell when someone is being disingenuous. Make sure that you are interested in what they are saying and your body language will reflect it.
  2. Treat them with respect. Just because someone doesn’t make as much money as you, or hasn’t achieved the same level of success as you does not mean that they are a lesser person. In fact, they may surpass you someday and you definitely want them to remember you in a positive light.
  3. Ask them to help you with something. People actually enjoy helping others most of the time. While they might not enjoy being asked to help you move furniture, asking someone for their advice or to take a look at something you’ve done and give you their opinion can be a wonderful relationship builder.
  4. Be friendly. You always want to be friendly to the people around you. Even if you arehaving a bad day yourself, try to smile and remember that it isn’t their fault. You would be surprised how often people will tell others about “that guy who is always positive, always smiling.” You want to be that guy (or girl).
  5. Finally, try to socialize outside of work. If you want to take a relationship to the next level and turn it from a business-friendship to an actual friendship, try inviting the person to an activity outside of work, whether that be a drink at the bar or a party that you’ve been invited to. Seminars and other learning events are also great place to take a friend that you work with, especially if you both share the same goals.

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